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6STARS customizes the Converse´s All Star under a complete and unique handmade process; any little imperfection just prove our craftmanship

This model for the sneaker´s low version, is based on a composition of WHITE spike studs, placed on both sides and star stud in the heel

Notes on cleaning

EURO 115,00

About Sizing


To prevent rust, a consequence of water storage within the socket, should dry thoroughly after washing the inside of the shoe using a hair dryer


The Chuck Taylor ALL STAR model that we work with (both in its high and low version) is a registered design ® of the Converse firm. It is classified as a MEN category model, although currently its use is fully UNISEX

Converse ALL STAR is an American brand, so its sizing is subject to the USA sizes and their corresponding measures

That is why our size list refers EXCLUSIVELY to this USA sizing for MEN with the sizes put in order from smaller to larger

We all have a pair of these “Chuck” ALL STAR trainers as the ones in our shop window; check your present USA (MEN) size

To make your purchase properly, when you choose your size, please note that on this site you will be choosing the first size (concerning MEN) which is shown on the inside label located on the tongue and that always coincides with the number which appears on the sole of the ALL STAR