The Converse All Star ® model was initially created to be used as a sport shoe and it was named "Chuck" in honour of the basketball player Chuck Taylor

But such was the revolution created by this canvas boot with its printed star, that it finally adapted to all styles and settings; and very soon it began to be used by thousands of people in the world: artists, musicians, politicians, until becoming what it still remains to be nowadays: the best American icon of comfortable and sport footwear

Throughout its history (it was edited in 1923) and to get an idea of its huge success, we must point out that it has got a sales record of over 750 million pairs

Our devotion in equal parts both for the All Star and rock music, took us one day to the customization based on studs of the oldest and most discolored pair of sneakers from our collection; they were blue and we did not know how they would get. But the result was gorgeous, improving our expectations by far. Today we consider them one of our  most valuable treasures

We loved this idea so much that we gave free rein to our imagination and from then on we could not stop, until we are now presentig

If the ALL STAR themselves radiate originality, our handcrafted customization ends up making them truly exclusive and unique pieces. It took us about ten hours to make some of our models, but after seeing them on, we think  it is worth this effort

We want to work for youths and children, also for parents and even grandparents, for EVERYONE; the  only thing we demand is  that, like us, they should not want to go unnoticed. Do you dare?

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